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You found one.


Need your Book Edited?
Self-Publishing and need Formatting help?

If you are a fiction writer, nonfiction writer, or poet, I'll help you to hone and develop your work so that it's at its best. I offer manuscript critique, advice, and developmental editing.

Got something to sell and need the right words for Advertising?

If you want to promote your brand, announce a special event, or draw some Web traffic with fresh content, you need a competent, experienced, affordable content writer.
That's where I come in.

Have an important Speech to give and don't know what you're going to say?

Whether for the Professional or Layman, I can craft a Speech or Presentation that will make your point Shine!

Exceptional Service

  They say that you can't have it fast, affordable, and good (you can only pick two). Well, I'm the exception; you get all three with me. I offer truly superior service that's always within your budget, AND have very rapid turn-around times.

I'm an Independent Artist

When you pay a big company, you're not paying the artist; you're paying for expensive advertising, salaries, commissions, etc. When you hire me, you save 30-50% of those costs. Mine is the only salary, there are no commissions, and I'm working for YOU.

Flat Rates in most cases.

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